Cockatoo project update – FINITO!!


I’m so excited!  She’s done!  Now, for framing.  And just in time.  Grad school starts next week.  I’m so happy that I met my goal and finished this project in time.  So I’m debating starting my next project now before school starts.  I know it will be terribly distracting to have stitching to do when I’ve really got to study or write a paper, but I think it will drive me even more crazy to not have done the hard part of prepping and starting that first stitch on a new project.  I figure if I just start on it, then when I need a mental break from studying, I can pick up my stitching.  You know…priorities, right?

On the cockatoo project, however, I did have a little trouble with the back-stitching of the feathery details around her face, but I think it turned out okay. There really wasn’t much back-stitching, so I was relieved at that.

Well, I hope all my stitchy friends out there make lots of progress on your projects this week.  So therapeutic, isn’t it?  Aaaaaahhhhhhh……

Happy Stitching!

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