Mermaid WIP Update

Hi, stitchy friends!

I’m currently tackling a very challenging Mirabilia (Nora Corbett) Mermaid pattern.  Her patterns are dreamy, watery mermaids, plus lots of other fantasy-like characters like angels, cherubs and fairies.  But she also does some neat witches and beautiful Victorian-like Santas.  Very nice work.  Check it out here.

I’m working on her “Mermaid of Atlantis”.  It’s just gorgeous with its greens and golds and deep blues.  I just love it.  I got most of it done just before I started graduate school last August, stitched a little more over Christmas break, then just been stitching a little more during my last semester break this past week.  But, it’s time to put the needles up for a few months, because my summer semester starts on Monday.  Bah humbug!

Here are some shots of my progress.  I’m done with all of the stitching and backstitching.  Just adding the beads.  Her patterns have that added element of dimension with lots of metallic threads and seed beads.  Hope you like it!

2015 04 27_MERMAID_CS_4331 2015 04 27_MERMAID_CS_4332 2015 04 27_MERMAID_CS_4333 2015 04 27_MERMAID_CS_4334 2015 04 27_MERMAID_CS_4335

4 thoughts on “Mermaid WIP Update

  1. this is looking fabulous! I’ve always been envious of people who can do these charts to completion. I’ve got several Lavender and Lace charts, and have only been able to complete The Wedding One

    • Thank you. Oh, my goodness! I looked up that pattern you mentioned, and it looks stunning! If you completed that one, then you should tackle the others! Challenge yourself every now and then. You’ll be surprised what you can do and will feel such a sense of accomplishment. I’ll cheer you on if you post updates!
      Go for it!

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