Mermaid CS Finished!

Hi, Stitchy Friends!

So, summer semester of grad school started on Monday, and boy!  Are my professors piling on the reading assignments or what?!?  Just last weekend I was able to get the last bead on this project, which has been a wonderful challenge.  First time I’ve ever attached beads to a CS project before.  I’ve worked with metallic threads before, no problem, but the beads were tough.  First thing is that you need a tiny little needle with a tiny eye.  That was the worst part of all…threading that tiny little needle.  I also couldn’t find Wonder Thread, which the designer recommended for attaching the beads.  So some ladies at my local sewing supply shop suggested this beading thread that was like a nylon string.  Very thin and flexible, but so hard to see!  Goodness gracious!  But I got it done and just in time for school to start.  Here is a photo of the finished piece.


I can’t wait to get her framed up.  I tell you, if you’ve never challenged yourself in your craft work, you should.  It’s good for your craft, your technique, your brain, your well-being, and your self-esteem.  Just GO FOR IT!

Well, this may be my last post for a few months.  Since school is back in session, I have no time for crafty things or photography.  Pooh!  But I did get the first dozen or so stitches in on a new project, so look for a new WIP intro and update in a few months!

Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Mermaid CS Finished!

  1. I often use a similar-coloured DMC strand to bead with. It’s easier to find than that invisible thread, but nothing beats invisible if you’re beading a block of differently coloured beads.
    She looks so good!

    • Oh, forgot to mention. I did try that, but the needle is so incredibly tiny that my thread wouldn’t even fit through it. I so wanted to use colored thread to sew those on. Also, anchoring that nylon thread was also very challenging. Not to mention, ironing the finished piece. Had to use a very low heat, so as not to melt the beads or the thread. Quite challenging!

  2. Hmm. And you can thread DMC floss through the eye? I may have to try that. Because I love all of Mirabilia’s mermaids, I may have to do another one! Thanks for the tip!

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