New WIP – Flamingos!

Right after I finished my Elephant project, I attacked my stitchy stash for a new challenge. I’m on a ROLL! I decided to work on the Flamingoes kit from Riolis.


I was a little disappointed when this one arrived, as I didn’t even notice that it was stitched on pre-printed Aida.  The faint flamingos in the background are printed and won’t be stitched.  And the shading of the fabric (pinkish toward the bottom) is also printed.  So on the bright side, this project should go pretty fast.  Also, there are only full cross-stitches and no backstitching. Yay!

After working on this project for almost two weeks (started July 15, 2016), I’ve made a good bit of progress.  Of course, I’m still in grad school, working full-time, and only have evenings to stitch.  So in between homework, I’ll pick it up and work on it.  Sometimes the brain just needs a break or something else on which to focus.

I absolutely love all of the color!  Compared to the Elephant project, this one was a colorful change of pace, just like my Queen Triggerfish project I just finished, too. Here’s a shot of my progress to date.


Happy stitching!

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