Stuff I’ve Stitched

Here are some projects I’ve stitched over the years.  If you want to know more about any of them, just ask. :o)

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6 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Stitched

  1. WOW I have to say your stamina and patience are incredible – it’s amazing that they equally match your skill … 🙂 – which piece took longest so far?

    • Thank you. I think the Teresa Wentzler Summer Carousel Horse took me the longest. It was the highest stitch count and a much larger project than any others I’ve done. It was also one of my first, so I had a lot of rips and pulls and redos. I think total time was about a year or more.

      • definitely worth the effort the end results are stunning … I have never attempted a large / substantial piece … worried I would never finish it … 🙂

      • It did take a while, but it’s worth it when you complete it. I usually have a few WIPS going at the same time. I’ll just pick one up when I have a break and stitch a little. I say, “Go for it!” 🙂

      • I think she does have some smaller patterns, but not sure how beginner they are. I’d never stitched a cross-stitch project with beads before, but overall, I’d say this was a quick stitch. Not terribly difficult.

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